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As I understand it SBS 2003 will only allow 2 users to connect concurrently over Terminal Services.  I have many customers who use SBS 2003 and have the need to connect multiple users via TS in remote application server mode.  Microsoft say this is not possible without upgrading to Server 2003 with all the expense that it implies.  Does anyone know a work around or an alternative product that does not cost a fortune for multiple TS or "TS like" connections using SBS2003?
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Yes, Microsoft is right. There is only a few options for you.

Microsoft Recommended Alternatives

In order to help you maximize the performance and security of your Small Business Server network, Microsoft recommends one of two alternatives for accessing network resources and applications remotely:

1. Add a second server to run Terminal Services in Application Mode. This approach will enable your customers to run line-of-applications installed on the server and host user applications in a more secure manner.

2. Leverage Remote Web Workplace functionality in Windows Small Business Server 2003. This will provide mobile users in your organization with remote access to network resources and user desktops. There is no need to acquire an additional server.

My recommendations

1. See if you can return you sbs standard license and buy sbs premium 2003 ( which supports terminal server)
2. Get a second server with 2003 server standard and terminal server license.


List of SBS features premium and standard can be found at

More info on sbs and terminal server.
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