Pie Chart (negative values) calculating as positive in the LEGEND

Product: Crystal Reports XI Enterprise

I have a pie chart that is displaying values of the slices in the legend. The total that is represented is adding a negative as a positive even though the legend is displaying the figure as a negative. Here is what is being displayed:

Country A       $115,745
Country B       $8,400
Country C       $100,800
Country D       $9,050
Country E       $0
Country F       $44,475
Country G       $45,000
Country H       $22,050
Country I        $28,440
Country J        ($24,140)
Country K       $12,240

Total             $410,340

The correct Total should be $362,060 which displays correctly in the Report Footer Grand Total. Country J is a negative and the report details represent this, it is only in the legend that the sum figure incorrectly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I don't know unless because a pie chart is used to show how much it can't handle or handles negative values incorrectly.

WHere is the total?  How did you place it?

atricureAuthor Commented:
The correct total, Grand total is in the Report Footer. Group totals are in the group footers. All totals are displaying correctly in the rport itself just not in the LEGEND of the Pie Chart.
atricureAuthor Commented:
Pie Chart Grand Total is calculating country J as a POSITIVE not a NEGATIVE
atricure, The concept of Pie Chart is to handle only positive value, which will display the percentage of each item participate in the circle. Imagine that you have a negative value, how are you going to display it using pie chart?
If you have negative value in your chart, pie chart is certainly not suitable in your case, use bar char instead.

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