DCOM error?

Getting this error on our domain controller from DCOM? The user account it refers to is the sophos update user account but i can't find out why the error message is being displayed or how to get rid of it... thinking it might be a machine with sophos installed somewhere with an incorrect password on the sophos install but not sure....  don't really know what DCOM is ..

DCOM got error "Logon failure: user account restriction.  Possible reasons are blank passwords not allowed, logon hour restrictions, or a policy restriction has been enforced. " and was unable to logon DOMAIN\sophos update user in order to run the server:
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Giuseppe "Pino" De FrancescoSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
your issue is pretty clear, the error message states the problem. You have a component installed under an user with restricted policies. Open the Component Services (from Administrative Tools), navigate Component Services->Computers->My Computer->COM+ Applications and look for the component belonging to your sw. If is a Server Component the Identity (property of your DCOM application) may be wrong in relation to the system settings.


CRNeoAuthor Commented:
Hmmm... i went to component services but can't really tell what i should be looking for once i'm in there... can't see anything obvious in COM+ Applcations and DCOM config is FULL of stuff....

Giuseppe "Pino" De FrancescoSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Can you post the complete error? Event ID, and so on...
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