How to keep my process running when connection is lost?


I login to the AIX server using Exceed HostExplorer. I have root access but no access to the physical machine.

Today I lost the connection while doing a long time restore. How do I know if the restore process is still running or not? How can I keep the process running when losing the connection? Thanks.

Another un-related question. We have performance problem on the server. How can I convince the admin that the server is overload, not our application issue? Please give some commands to list some data, thanks.

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Q How do I know if the restore process is still running or not?
A Try "ps -aef | grep <restore command>"

Q How can I keep the process running when losing the connection?
A Run your restore as "nohup <restore command> >/tmp/restore.out 2>&1 &"

Q How can I convince the admin that the server is overload, not our application issue?
A Please refer to other answers to questions of bottleneck finding

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1) or BSD way - ps auxww
2) ask admin to install GNU screen utility
run "uptime" , rightmost three should not be above 10
run vmstat 1 5 , rightmost one should not be around 100 (percent of CPU spent for waiting for IO)
ask admin to install "monitor" from bullfreeware and "topas" from IBM
ask admin to explore WLM - workload management facility
ask admin to assess memory allocation pattern of your application and use vmtune to adjust to match

post output of mentioned uptime and vmstat commands along with oslevel -r
most likely your admin should install AIX patch set known as "Maintenance Level" before commencing to determining performance problems

What is application that suffers - if this is standard application like apache, java or some database - there is more before tuning system as such
hujirongAuthor Commented:
Here is the data. I don't really know how to read this. Thanks.

/home/jihu $ uptime
  09:23AM   up 2 days,   6:42,  2 users,  load average: 0.04, 0.12, 0.14
/home/jihu $ vmstat 15
System Configuration: lcpu=2 mem=4096MB
kthr     memory             page              faults        cpu
----- ----------- ------------------------ ------------ -----------
 r  b   avm   fre  re  pi  po  fr   sr  cy  in   sy  cs us sy id wa
 1  1 263598 535790   0   0   0  23   60   0 432 5651 628  2  2 94  2
 0  0 263580 535808   0   0   0   0    0   0 283  481 243  0  0 99  0
 0  0 263580 535808   0   0   0   0    0   0 284  282 246  0  0 99  0
 2  0 263581 535787   0   0   0   0    0   0 291  791 270  1  0 98  1
 1  0 263581 535787   0   0   0   0    0   0 289  669 250  0  3 97  0
 1  0 271209 527765   0   0   0   0    0   0 455 75446 559  3  6 89  1
^C/home/jihu $ oslevel -r
/home/jihu $
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uptime says taht another process waited .04 of time for another to free processor - all os fine
wa is 2% at maxmum - it is fine
id is 90+% - at disposal of your app - it is fine
no swapping, lots of free RAM - everything seems bright.

Admin can upgrade, but all after all it seems more like application program , sorry for disapointment.

Is your application something you wrote, something off the shelf (name it then) or something written by someone unknown to world ???
hujirongAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot for your help.

The application is IBM Rational ClearCase. We are still OK, but I have to monitor its performance. I am glad to hear that the server is in a quite good condition, for we have many new users joined recently.

Suggestion for your admin - disable Nagle's algorithm fo network adapters:
ifconfig en0 tcp_nodelay 1
ifconfig lo0 tcp_nodelay 1

Problem can be extra traffic, no problem if you do not use 9600bps lines.
It fixes apps that do not disable that on sockets, and makes at least one database system very speedy.

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