Networking- no hub, switch or router

How to connect two computers with no hub, switch or router? What type of cable do i need?
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If both of these computers have a network card then you would need a crossover cable. You can make one or you can buy one.
If you were to make one you would have to wire it two ways. One end would be wired to spec T568A and the other to T568B.
It is very simple. But if you do not have a crimp tool and only need it this one time, it would be cheaper to just buy the cable.

Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:
you have to need cross cable for it .

but you can connect only two computer.
Pruszeck, do as SKIN suggested, connect the cables and you're rolling..

here are some illustrations of the T568A and T568B.

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SKIN is absolutely correct.  To elaborate a bit on the wiring, the crossover cable is used to cross transmit and receive pairs in the cable so that two pcs can communicate.  T568A standard is as follows from pins 1-8:

1 White/Green
2 Green
3 White/Orange
4 Blue
5 White/Blue
6 Orange
7 White/Brown
8 Brown

T568B (to be used on the opposite end of the crossover cable) is as follows:

1 White/Orange
2 Orange
3 White/Green
4 Blue
5 White/Blue
6 Green
7 White/Brown
8 Brown

For both these wiring standards, the solid color wires are referred to by their color, and the striped wires are referred to a White/<color>.  Notice that it's the 1/2 pair (Orange) and the 3/6 pair (Green) that are crossed.  This is because 10/100 Ethernet runs on these four pins only (1, 2, 3, & 6).  For Gigabit Ethernet, you'll need to cross the 4/5 and 7/8 pairs as well on the T568A end (swap the blue and brown pairs).  This is because Gigabit Ethernet runs on all eight pins.
Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:
Hi pruszek,

You have do the following steps for connection


1. LAN card (ethernet on both computer)
2. CAt 5 cross cable .

For making cross cable :

Networking so9lutions

Description of File Sharing and Permissions;EN-US;304040

After cabling assign the

first assign a static ip address to both pc's, like:

then give both pc's the same workgroup name


next enable file sharing on both computers

and last share a folder on both pc's.

The crossover cable is the best option.... you can also use a null-modem cable, or even a USB cable to do direct connections between machines. You've already been given lots of crossover cable details....

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you should also consider USB cable to connect the computers, it's chip and simple  :)
one exemple :
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