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Is there some type of pre existing PHP app that I can include on my site that will allow a user to enter a street address, city, state, zip etc and then get the lattiude and longitude of that address?


My page records address, city, etc. and writes it to a database. Is there code I can add to the write process that will add lattitude and longitude points to the database by using the data that the user inputs?
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Hm... that's kind of a complex thing to add to a web site, or at least I would think so.  You could look into Google Maps, but I don't think they support the actual conversion to latitude/longitude:

There's is a site called Geocoder that has an available web service that you can subscribe to for getting regular coordinates from mailing addresses:

Other sites that give latitude/longitude, but may not have any kind of developer options:

Hope that helps ;)

lvollmerAuthor Commented:
I am learning that this is a real pain, and something that a lot of developers are looking for.
If you want to do it yourself, without paying for a service, then see this tutorial, which shows you how to do geocoding with PHP and MySQL in a step-by-step process:

There's also a Perl module that is specifically for getting the latitude/longitude:
Both of these use TIGER/Line data provided for free by the US Census Bureau:

All of this may be a major headache for anyone other than an experienced programmer, though.  However, I have not personally tried implementing a feature like this before, so perhaps it's easier than it looks ;)

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lvollmerAuthor Commented:
I have really lucked out. Turns out the data I am using has a seperate table with a unique key that links lat's and long's.

Thanks for the help!
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