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Have just signed up for Wireless so am new to it. I explained to the sales people that I have a Dell 5160 laptop that is not Wireless enabled, however, they tell me that I just need their wireless modem. Are they, or am I missing something, or are they just trying to get the sale?


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You should be able to get the requirments for you computer from the vendor of your wireless service.  There are wireless "modems" which are basically cell phones that do data connections.

There are multiple types of wireless communcations.  The two most common for computers are the Wireless LAN type connections 802.11x (a, b, g, ...) and then "wireless cell phone data connections", like what you get with a cell phone.  I am assuming you signed up for a wireless cell phone data connection.
MikeBardAuthor Commented:
No. This wireless is for the house. I was under the impression that I needed a card for the laptop, however, they insist that I just need their modem and the wireless antenna on my house roof.
Unless they are providing 802.11x in your neighboorhood (which has a limited distance of a few hundred feet), you are using "a data connection over cell phone technology" which you will need to get sometype of "cell phone modem."

If you have Internet connection from someplace else I would check out their web pages and find out what technology they are using to verify.

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MikeBardAuthor Commented:
Well...........I rang them again today and they say all I need is a 'Network Port' in the laptop and with their modem I'll be fine............or will I?
If you don't mind can you tell me who the service is with and the exact name of the service?
MikeBardAuthor Commented:

Info is pretty sparce there though
Yep info is sparce.

However they do use the term "wireless broadband", which I generally associate with  "data over cell phone type technology" instead wireless LAN or the 802.11a/b/g standards.

☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
"Nova is now hiring ... Customer Support"
Probably wise ;)

Unless you are covered by their exisiting wireless system See: http://www.novanetworks.ie/coverage/
You may be out of luck anyway.

The wireless part of the system is a microwave connection from their domestic modem box.  You'll need an aerial installed on your roof. the box sits in your house and acts as the modem.  You can plug your laptop into it using standard CAT5 cabling or you could additionally buy a wireless access point (& as you say your laptop has no WiFi capability you'll need a WiFi PCMCIA card.

So the system goes:  Laptop - WiFi - Access Point - Nova Modem - Aerial to Nova Network - Pipe to ISP

If you're in range you would probably be better off getting an WiFi enabled Router and then you can connect several machines to it at once (Remember to encrypt your signal & check with Nova about encryption of the data between your house aerial and their network).


M :o)
Joseph OLoughlinIT Support SpecialistCommented:
Yes you will need a card for the notebook to use it wirelessly in addition to what the telco's selling
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