Backup Exec fails

I just installed Backup Exece 10d/10.1 for SBS2003.

All my backup runs have errors that I cannot figure out.  My most recent test run of an Exchange backup, ended with an error "Capacity check status    : Failed" but the disk we are backing up to has 50 times the capacity needed for the backup.

I am at a loss on next steps.

here is the log:

Completed status: Failed Expand AllCollapse All
Job Information
Server name : BCC-SERVERJob name    : TestRun 00001Job log     : D:\Program Files\VERITAS\Backup Exec\NT\Data\BEX_BCC-SERVER_00012.xmlDevice name : All Devices (BCC-SERVER)

Test Run Job Information
Credentials CheckDevice       : \\BCC-SERVER, \\BCC-SERVER\Microsoft Exchange Public FoldersCheck status : SuccessDevice       : \\BCC-SERVER, Shadow?Copy?ComponentsCheck status : SuccessDevice       : \\BCC-SERVER, \\BCC-SERVER\Microsoft Information Store\First Storage GroupCheck status : SuccessDevice       : \\BCC-SERVER, BCC-SERVER\MSDE_INSTANCECheck status : SuccessDevice       : \\BCC-SERVER, \\BCC-SERVER\<Utility Partition>Check status : SuccessDevice       : \\BCC-SERVER, BCC-SERVER\SBSMONITORINGCheck status : SuccessDevice       : \\BCC-SERVER, \\BCC-SERVER\Microsoft Exchange MailboxesCheck status : Success

Media Capacity CheckDevice                   : Backup-to-Disk Folder 1Online append capacity   : 668 MBOnline overwrite capacity: 0.000 MBTotal append capacity    : 668 MBTotal overwrite capacity : 0.000 MBCapacity check status    : FailedMiscellaneous            :  

Media CheckOnline media check   : Media is online or nearline to start job.Overwrite media check: There is media online or nearline that can be overwritten.Media check status   : Success

 Backup job name : Exchange Backup via Veritas
Test run status : Fail
Media protection: Append first then overwrite
Target device   : All Devices (BCC-SERVER)
Target media    : Veritas Backup Set 1 Total byte count: 3,407,636,736

Job Completion Status
Job started     : Monday, March 20, 2006 11:18:42 AM
Job ended       : Monday, March 20, 2006 11:22:55 AM
Final error: 0xe0008703 - Job failed running its test run. See logfile for details.
Final error category: Job ErrorsCompleted status: Failed
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sgarson1Author Commented:
Thanks, but this rev of Backup Exec does not have the option boxes on the web links.
It's just a test run, BE isn't very good at determining media availability in the test run, I've seen it fail many times. Give it a pool of devices rather than a single one and that makes it fail as well. Just ignore it, the actual backup job should be fine.

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