Can you control when a mirrored dynamic disk resynchs?

I have a client that does not have the best setup right now, but until I can get them something better I'm trying to find other solutions.  They currently have two IDE drives in their server running Windows Server 2003 Standard.  I want to set up mirroring using Windows dynamic disks.  The set up was easy, the problem is on a few occasions already the drives have started resynching during working hours and it seriously slows down access to files on the server.  They use quickbooks so it is very noticeable.  I was wondering if there is anyway to restrict what time of day the server decides to start resynching the drives, I didn't see any obvious place to set that up.  Thank you.
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No, I don't think you can control this.  Synching happens automatically when data changes.  Are you sure that synching is causing the problem?  Or are big writes or big reads happening certain times a day?

I think the problem is:

IDE drives

software mirroring


Just messing with you, but I think the customer needs to understand that there are good techniques and bad techniques and postives and negatives of both.

If you want a workaround, I would suggest not mirroring the drives and taking nightly backups of the primary drive and storing the backup on the secondary drive.  It's not mirroring, but it's a semi-decent disaster recovery method in case the primary drive dies.
morning all,

i manage quite a few sites that use software mirroring from some time back before we started implementing hardware RAID's

they have saved us more times than i can say even if they are simple software RAID,

however, the disks shouldnt be trying to resynch themselves often...... it should be done once and thats it........   for what reasons are your disks resynching? are you getting errors throughout the day on the disks?  

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lukecaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the responses guys.  I actually have already set up the backup to the second IDE drive after the mirroring didn't work, but I thought I would post a question to make sure I didn't miss anything.  I have set this up elsewhere too and never had a problem, but I also never set it up on IDE drives, I think they are just to slow, I am sure the resynching is the problem because when I got the call from them I saw the drives stated they were resynching and as soon as I killed the mirror problem was solved.  Guess I will have to get on the client to take my recommendations and upgrade to some new drives before it's to late.  Thanks all I'm going to just split the points evenly.
Thanks for the points!

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