Adding Signature Picker to a toolbar in Outlook 2003

We have recently upgraded to Outlook 2003 in our office.
One of the features the users were accustomed to was a {signature picker} toolbar.

I have demonstrated the right-click feature to select a different signature in 2003, but the president doesn't like it.

Is there a way to add the {signature picker} to an existing and/or new toolbar?
Some of our users use Outlook as the email editor and some use Word.
If there is a difference, would you please explain the different methods?

Thanks for any help,
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When composing a message, why not INSERT - SIGNATURE - and select.

Or TOOLS - CUSTOMIZE - INSERT(in the left pane) - And drag the signature button to any existing or new toolbar.

Using Outlook, the signatures are created by Outlook. When using Word, you must create the signatures within Word.
Word can cause so many problems when used for regular email, I would try to steer everyone AWAY from it.

If you need some of the advanced formatting, you can use Word for a single email via ACTIONS - NEW MAIL MESSAGE - USING MS WORD.
SlatorAuthor Commented:
That's a good question; why not?
I guess the "real" answer is resistance to change.

In any case thanks for the response.
I tried the TOOLS - CUSTOMIZE - INSERT(in the left pane) method, but I do not see the INSERT...
WOW! What an idiot, I was trying to customize the Outlook email editor rather than the Word email editor.

Thanks, that takes care of the Word email editor.

How do I add the signature picker to the Outlook email editor?

Start a new mail message... THEN  from the mail message menu  ....
TOOLS - CUSTOMIZE - INSERT(in the left pane) - And drag the signature button to any existing or new toolbar.

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Missing the Insert option for mail signatures with in outlook 2003: Tools - Customize - Insert...

Can anyone help out at all?

Thanks Ben :)

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