Can't set upload_max_file_size in php.ini

I have a problem setting the upload_max_file_size. I have changed php.ini. I set the upload_max_file_size to 25M in php.ini, saved it, restarted the webserver and I still can't upload files larger than 2M. When I look at a phpinfo() page it says that the upload_max_file_size is 2M. When I open php.ini the upload_max_file_size is correctly set at 25M. Help! Apache 2, Suse Linux, PHP 5.0.4
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Perhaps php loads a different php.ini file than the php.ini that you have edited.

Type the command "php -i | more" or run phpinfo() and look for the config path info under this line:

Configuration File (php.ini) Path => /etc/php.ini

I had a similar problem - and ended up having two ini files.  
You can set the limit in the .htaccess file as well as in your php file (I believe).
mdkgeurtsAuthor Commented:
The config path pointed to a non-existing folder, I created the folder with the php.ini and it worked.
That was the same problem I had. :)
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