Hp5si prints all pages on a single page

  We have a big HP5si that was donated to our non-profit organization.  We tested it with one computer and it prints everything just fine - multiple pages print on multiple pages.  So, after we set it up and installed it on the other computer, it "appeared" to be fine as the test page printed.  But, after a couple uses, we discovered that no matter what application we printed from (internet explorer, word, acrobat, notepad, etc..), it printed every page overlapping onto the 1st page.  Print 1 page at a time and it prints just fine.  I made sure it was the exact drivers from the other computer that has no problems, but still no luck (fully deleting the old and a fresh install of the "new" drivers).  I checked the HP site and tried the various drivers they have for this printer, but still no luck.  I looked at every setting and didn't see anything marked wrong, so does anyone have any thoughts?  So, I just can't figure it out!  I've found a couple issues like this on the site, but nothing has really helped thus far.  Thanks...
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Check the paper size is set correctly in printer driver>advanced tab>printing defaults. Also in same page, disable advanced printer features.

Is this on a parallel port?
If so, try changing the parallel port settings in the bios, they will probably need to be set to ECP or EPP, not SPP or standard.
Drummerx007Author Commented:
I will check those settings and let you know..thx

The printer is actually connected to a print server (yes, through parallel cables) which is connected to the network.  But still, the one PC can print just fine and the other PC has the issues, even though they are both connecting to the printer through the print server.
Just a thought, you might try swapping the parallel cable connection between the computer and the print server to see if the problem may be somewhere with the PC's, Parallel cables or print server.
Sounds like Software is the same and configured identically so maybe it has something to do with the hardware.  

Hope this Helps!!
Ah, If you are using a print server, how are your spooling and ports set up?

Try setting spooling to "start printing after the last page has spooled"
If you are using a standard TCP/IP port, click on "configure port" and compare the settings there to the other PC.

If there is "bidirectional communication" checkbox, untick it.
It basically sounds as if the PC is not sending form feeds.

If you are using a proprietary port, (Jetdirect or DLPR for example) see if there are any settings you can change with regard to formfeeds.

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Drummerx007Author Commented:
Well, I checked and unchecked everything that was suggested, except the parallel port thing, but still refuses to print properly.  I figured it wouldn't be the parallel cable since the 1 PC works just fine.  So, I was "assuming" that since one was working fine, the cable and the print server are too.  So, at least for the time being so they can work, I cheated a bit.  Though I couldn't get it to work properly before, I was able to share it from the computer that works so that the messed up computer can print through that share.  They seem to be satisfied with that setup, so even though I still want to know what exactly is wrong, I guess we can close this out.  So thanks to all who suggested, but I'm not sure who to "accept" as the answer!  Guess I'll try to distribute the points out evenly since you both tried to help.
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