Cannot Ping, unable to initialize windows sockets


I had a domain controller at a remote location. I needed to demote this server then promote it to a DC again. However, the demotion was unsuccessful and its data in Active directory remained. I managed to remove the data from the active directory using adsiedit.exe.

Now when i tried to promote the Member server to a DC again it said it could not locate the domain or a domain controller. Obviously something was up so i tried to ping one of our domain controllers but it comes up with the following message:

'unable to initialize the windows sockets interface, error code 0'

Any ideas what has happened here?

200 points up for grabs as i need to get this server back up as a domain controller pretty soon.

Thanks in adavnce,

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Baikie here is a link that has instructions for the exact error that was thrown.  Even though this article mentions Windows XP the methods should apply for Windows 2000 as well.
You Winsock registry entries and such got corrupted during the demotion.  This happens frequently on Windows XP machines because of Spyware.  As such there is a utility you can download and run to help resolve the issue.  It is normally reserved for Windows XP however you should be ok on a Windows 2000 machine.  However make sure you have everything backed up just in case.

Or you can try the following first and if they fail try the above.  From a command prompt run the following:

netsh interface reset all <press enter>

netsh winsock reset <press enter>

Then restart the server.
BaikieAuthor Commented:
Sorry, forgot to mention that i had already tried the winsockxpfix but with no joy.

I tried using the 'netsh interface reset all' but got the following error:

'Initialization Function ??????1 in IPMONTR.DLL failed to start with error code 10107
The following helper dll cannot be loaded: DHCPMON.DLL
The following helper dll cannot be loaded: WINSMON.DLL'

Does this shine any light on the problem?

Thanks for the reply,

BaikieAuthor Commented:
Ok cheers,

Fixed it by deleting the Winsock and Winsock2 entries from the registry, uninstalling TCP/IP then re-installing.

Everything back to normal.

Thanks for the reply,

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