Instructions for taking apart Presario 700 Notebook

My Presario is having issue with not booting.  From what I have read in this and other forums it is an issue with overheating causing the cpu to disconnect slightly.  I want to have a look and do not want to pay the minimum $130.00 fee.  I need 2 items.
1.  Instructions for taking it apart.
2.  Where do I get the tiny star shaped screwdriver.  Allen wrench won't work.  The ones in the computer store kits do not fit. It needs to be smaller maybe.
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2. You can get torx screwdriver sets at Home Depot's online site.  Theses are small, six-pointed star-shaped screwdrivers with a numerical designation.  Hard drives use a #7 usually, which is pretty small.
I got my torx bits with my Swiss Army Cybertool pocket knife.
Sears got those torx screwdrivers
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