Can I use a PFC Calendar for this?

Hi All,

Can I use a PFC Calendar for the fiollowing:

I need to create a calendar sceen that is dependant on a date the user selects.

The user selects the date and a 12 month calendar would fill the window starting with the month() of the date supplied by the user. (4 months accross, 3 months down)
Each month would show all the days of that month, with all the weekends showing as dark gray, all holidays as brown, and all weekdays as white.

Then the user could assign other colors to certain days to show companywide meetings or whatever the colors would stand for, shown in the Legend.

Thats it... then the user saves his assignments to the database - the code behind the seens...

Am I correctly looking to the PFC Calendar?
Any examples?

2nd question: Can I also assign text to it like Outlooks calendar days?

:>) Thanks, Bill

BILL CarlisleAPEX DeveloperAsked:
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Hi bcarlis,
PFC's calendar simply allows enhaced input for date fields.
That's all, it's just a date picker. You can change font face&size,
colors, highlight Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays or any other day you want,
but :
 - only one month is displayed
 - you cannot enter text on it
 - althought PFC's calendar is actually a dw, it's external type so you
   cannot update to DB.

Take a look to this PFC Based "Super Calendar", I guess it should fit your needs :

BILL CarlisleAPEX DeveloperAuthor Commented:

Wow! Ithink I see it does the setHolidayColor, sundaycolor, etc....
BILL CarlisleAPEX DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Hey thanks for the input... I've got this fixed...

(tr1l0b1t has 300 pts.. of this 500.. )

I dragged the calendar object onto uo and created a stand alone calendar from it... disabled the dropdown portion also...

BUT... can we control the background color of a datawindow column? Thje PFC Calendar, that I robbed the code from, uses a 42 cell table... or datawindow. The 42 cells are 42 columns on one row.
I'd like to change the color of cetain days, or cells...

BILL CarlisleAPEX DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Now I can have holiday backgrounds with brown background, weekdays as white etc.

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