Frame control that is not a container

Using VB6, it is possible to have a frame control that doesn't act as a container?

The client likes frames (and I generally do) but I don't like difficultly of selecting the controls contained in a frame whenever I need to rearrange or work with the controls.  Not being able to group select the controls within a frame by using the mouse is my major concern.  I can deal with keeping the frame and the controls together manually.

I don't have a problem with using a third party custom control.
An API call to change the behaviour of the standard frame control would be nice.
I don't want to use the line control and label control to emulate a frame.

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Hi wft-tes,

You don't need third party controls or API

Just put your controls on the form first then the frame. select frame and choose from menu Format-> Order -> Send to Back

You are done!  

If you are adding controls to the form draw them outside of frame then change the position.

Michael D.

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>>Not being able to group select the controls within a frame
Select a control in the frame, hold down CTRL and then select the other controls on the same frame.

Thank you for the point and the grade.

Michael D.
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