Don't know where to start.

I was just wondering if anyone knew of a good website or tutorial that could help me along. I am trying to make a program that waits for a mail message from a certain address. After it recieves an email from them, it will download the attachment, a *.csv file. Then the program needs to take the csv file and put it into a preexisting  database. I am just looking to be pointed in the right direction since this is a pretty broad question. If you can help me with actual code i will open up a new question and offer more points. Thank You.
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- If you're looking for tutorials, sample codes, profesional codes and even full applications projects see the following url  <-- I like it a lot  <-- good tutorials, articles with sample code

do a search in the above sites and I'm sure you'll find great resouces to support you on your project
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