enableing server side includes

I just setup a new linux server and for some reason apache isn't allowing server side includes to work. how do I enable this?
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You should look into your Apache configuration file (httpd.conf).

Look for a line which starts:

AllowOverride (...)

AllowOverride controls which options the .htaccess in directories can override.  It can be set to All, or any combination of Options, FileInfo, AuthConfig and Limit.

For example:

AllowOverride All

You can set this by default, or by individual VirtualHost containers.

Additionally, the name of the .htaccess file is controlled by the AccessFileName directive;  typically, it's set as follows:

AccessFileName .htaccess
battalionAuthor Commented:
below is the setup for my httpd.conf file.

<Directory "/web/Intranet">
    AllowOverride All
    allow from all
    Options +Indexes

    DocumentRoot /web/Intranet    
    ServerName intranet
I'd put the AllowOverride All in the VirtualHost container, too.  Is there an AccessFileName directive?
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did you enable

AddType text/html .shtml
AddOutputFilter INCLUDES .shtml

in your httpd.conf, too? May be just uncomment both lines in your httpd.conf.
battalionAuthor Commented:
they are uncommented
My apologies - clearly I read the question and then answered another.  You want server side includes to work.

That requires not AllowOverrides (which is what enables .htaccess files), but the following:

Options Includes

Change your Options statement to:

Options Includes +Indexes

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I'm so glad to have helped - sorry for the initial miscue!
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