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Which programming language should i learn

Hey guys i wonder what is the best programming language to learn to create applications

What is the future  C#? or C or .NET ..... Which one you recommend

Thanks in advance
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> Hey guys i wonder what is the best programming language to learn to create applications
depends on the application ... for an application on embedded systems, C/C++ would serve you well .. for windows applications you would find Win32 C++ and .NET much more important ... If portability is high priority, you might like to learn java.

Quite frankly ... language is just putting a design into words ... It is much more important to learn design paradigms and know of the capabilites of language rather than the syntax. If you can program in one language, you can learn another one quite fast. But it takes skill to learn how and when to use a language.

Good points by sunnycoder, but if you're actually looking for a first programming language that is good as a starting point to get into programming, then i'd suggest C to get the basics of procedural programming. It's not the easiest language, because you have to take care of a lot yourself (memory management being the most important). But you'll find it a powerfull language ... and starting with C will teach you to pay attention to details, which will serve you in later, higher level languages.

Once you get the hang of that, then you can move towards an OO language like C++ (not exactly OO, but good to get a feel of a lot of OO structures, while still using your past experience with C), or Java (more purely OO).
This is a very frequently asked question.  A couple of wise men (both named peter!?) wrote some essays that give an excellent answer:

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