Very slow replication PF


Gonna move all my pf from my e2ksp3 to my new e2003sp on a win2003sp1R2.

Have some problems replicating the folders from the old to the new server, it takes a loooong time.
I have a crm system with about 600mb data that i need to replicate. What can be the issue with this.

Checked my smtp settings on my pf stores and all seems good. I have good network connection between the two servers.

Ideas anyone?
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Exchange 2000 replication is slow. A week or more is not unusual. Very little you can do to speed things up.

Enable and check Message Tracking to see if any replication traffic is going across. The most common reasons for replication failure are a Smart Host on the SMTP Virtual Server and antivirus applications getting in the way.

martyboyAuthor Commented:
Sry forgot this one,

The points are yours seembe. the smtp did it
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