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I wrote a simple Table of Contents application with Coldfusion that got all the directories and files of a folder. This greatly simplified the task of updating our resources because all we had to do is upload it. Now I want to create the same type thing on a distributable CD. I want there to be a user-interface where the user can navigate the files in a web-browser (there will be supplemental links in the browser too, or I would just let them figure it out with File Explorer). I don't want to have to change a HTML page everytime something changes.

Is there a way to get the directories and/or files in a client-side script? A way that is cross-platform and cross-browser?

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Nope, unless you build a java app and start it with your html app.

adamkerriganAuthor Commented:
That is what I figured. I'll just let them figure it out with File Explorer. =)
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