Active Directory Users and Computers Snap-In points to remote server

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to setup ADUC to point to a specific server.
I have installed the appropriate admin pack and all snap-ins are working properlyexcept...
Currently, it is always pointing to a remote server over our wan.
I want the snap-in to point a server I specify on our local network.

I followed the recommnedations outlined in the following  link:

It works for the intial creation of the mmc.
But once you save it and re-open the mmc, it is pointing back to the remote server.

The syntax used was:

You could try "Start". "Run" and type "mmc /server=[servername]" where [servername] is the name of your chosen DC without the [ ]

I could use the following but i want to add more snap-ins for consolidated administration.

You could try "Start". "Run" and type "dsa.msc /server=[servername]" where [servername] is the name of your chosen DC without the [ ]

Any one out there have any insight on resolving this issues?


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It'll have specific subnet(s) for each site...and then the DCs for those sites.

Just make sure that all the subnets are routed properly as needed on the network side as well.
vandrianiAuthor Commented:

Thanx for the link.

So, I now I need to ensure that wks are authenicating to local DCs as opposed to the remote DCs.

Some guidance would be most appreciated.

I have configured the sites and services to have 2 sites:

1. default site (local)
2. Remote site

The remote server is in the remote site and I have configured a seperate subnet for the remote site.

I just noticed that our default site does not have a subnet linked to it...should it?
Is the the issue?

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Agreed.  Create and associate the subnet for the remote site.  In AD Sites and Services, move the remote server from the Default-first-site-name to the remote site container.

KCC will work out the topolgy.

vandrianiAuthor Commented:
I'm not sure if by accepting the answer, that TheCleaner get's the points....
but thank you for your help
I got the points...if you wanted to split the points you'll need to reopen the question I assume.
No issue here.  Just backing you up.

Understand Netman, I just wasn't sure what he meant by his last statement of "I'm not sure if by accepting the answer, that TheCleaner get's the points...."
vandrianiAuthor Commented:
Let me clarify.

I believe that TheCleaner answered the question.
netwman verified the answer.
I wanted to give all the points to TheCleaner becaused he answered the question.
My question was that if you accept an answer are the points automatically awarded to the user that had thier answer accepted?

clear as mud!!


The basic answer is Yes.

for the future:

If you want to split the points you would click the "SPLIT POINTS" at the bottom of the question.  Then you can accept answers and also pick "assisted" and divide up the total points then.
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