Unable to Use Remote desktop from Server 2K after installing remote desktop client

My client has a Win2K Server inhouse. I can connect to it using Remote Desktop from my home. However once I am connected I am unable to invoke Remote Desktop on the server and connect to a clients PC on the LAN. Further when I am logged into the server as administrator (standing in front of the box) I am unable to use remote desktop to connect to any LAN PC's. I have installed the remoted desktop client on the Win 2K server. I have not rebooted the server (it did not ask me to) Thanks for your help!
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>>> I am unable to use remote desktop to connect to any LAN PC's

what version of windows are you LAN PC's???

In Windows XP You can't use remote desktop to access Client PC's unless it has been enabled....

Right click 'My Computer' select properties. Select 'Remote' Tab. At the bottom is a checkbox for 'Allow users to remotely connect to this computer'

Selecting this will allow you to remote control the PC's (If they are running Windows XP)
dctraxeAuthor Commented:
I had to reset the wireless router and reconfigure it. Once I did remote desktop worked fine from the server.
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