Adding another Switch

HP J4121A Procurve 4000M Switch in basement closet
On the last module of the switch there is room for 1 cable and the module has an sticker with "A".  The cable from this goes through the floors to the server room where it connects to an HP Procurve 1600M Switch in a 100/1000Base T module marked with an "A" (there is only one port on this module)

Another cable is connected to a misc. port on the 4000M switch and goes through the floors to the server room where it connects to Port 1 of HP ProCurve 10/100 Hub. (the MDI button is pushed in)

HP Procurve 1600M and 10/100 Hub are in a rack that is full...

I have purchased a new rack and an HP 12 port 2512 Switch (J4812A) for this rack.  I don't have any experience with switches and need some help for how to connect this.

Thanks Experts for any help (This question is urgent).

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I am not sure if I understand the problem correctly, but if you wan't to connect the new switch with the HP1600M, you could patch it through from a random standard port on the HP1600M to the uplink port(probably port 1 or the last port) on the HP2512.
stockcarsrusAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comment.  I guess I was concerned that I would have to have another cable pulled up through the floors from from the 4000M switch in the basement to connect this new switch.  I did not know you could connect directly to the HP1600M.

Which of the 2512's port you use for connectiong to the 1600M does not matter because every port has MDI-X, that is auto detection of patch- or crossovercable and thus you don't need to worry about the kind of cable that you use. The 2512 does not have any "uplink" port or similar as Mr. Nowak stated.

But beware that all these switches support VLANs, so the network ports might no all be equal concerning the availability of packet flow. I say "might" because chances are high that VLAN tagging is not used, but it "might". You see this when you connect the cable the Link LED lites up but no network connection can be established.
Plus you might create a bottleneck when you route all of the 2512's traffic over the 1600m, but that is only true for traffic that goes furher to the 4000M switch.
But most likely you just ran out of ports on the 1600M because you have so much equipment on it and total network throughput is a lesser concern.
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stockcarsrusAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comments.  I was wondering if it would be better to connect directly to the HP J4121A Procurve 4000M Switch in basement closet instead of the 1600M?  I noticed on the patch panel in the basement that there are ports there that are wired to the upstairs server room to avoid running a cable up through the floor.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


That depends on your data-flow.

Think of two case: 1st 2512 connected to 1600M
If all uses on the 1600M and the 2512 only need to have internet at low bandwiths, i.e. surf-speed so that 100 Mbit/s ethernet is not clogged, ist does not matter much. The 2515 hands all it's traffic to the 1600M which in turn hands its it to the 4000M which is probably connected to the internet.

If you people copy lots of data within "your working group" which is split half and half on both 1600M and 2512, no traffic has to go over the 4000M. Most of the traffic runs straight from the 2512 to the 1600M.

2nd case: 2512 connected to 4000M
If both the users behind 2512 and 1600M want to download lots of data from servers (including internet) that are "behind" the 4000M trom a networks point of view, you should do it this way. Your group has then a total of 200 MBps link to the 4000M because there run two separate 100 MBps lines for both halves of your working group.
But in this scenario, all traffic from the users behind the 2512 towards other people behind 1600M has to go down to the 4000M and then up again to the 1600M which might be some kind of bottleneck if there's users from 1600M downloading at maximum bandwith at this moment.

I'd say it doesn't matter that much unless your user group starts to mourn "copying data is so slow". On all of the involved switches you should be able to monitor the bandwith (on the webinterface or using ProCurve Manager from HP). And as long as they're not clogged (i.e. bandwith at maximum all the time), your don't need to change anything once you decided for any of the two possible setups.

As network usage tends to change over time, you might be forced to change your topology at any later point anyways.

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stockcarsrusAuthor Commented:
This network was all setup before my time.  I am coming into this without much knowledge.  Please bear with me...

The bulk of our users connect to 3 load balanced terminal servers using RDP and thin clients.  These three servers are connected to the 10/100 hub.  There is one more server connected to this hub.

The 1600M has two servers in a cluster attached to it, and 4 other servers one of them being an exchange server.  

the last server plugs into a port that is connected to our basement 4000M switch. This server is highly accessed.

Both the 1600M and 10/100 hub are plugged into ports that connect to the 4000M in the basement.

I don't know if you can tell what is behind what in this scenario... any help would be appreciated.

Thanks again so much


First question: where do you have free network receptables ? on the 4000M ? on the 1600M ?

No sorry, the reasons for this network configuration are way beyond my scope of knowledge.

I'd try connectiong the new 2512 to the 4000M and see if that works. It should.
Don't worry too much. The descision you make is not for the rest of your life ;-)
Networks grow - and until you run to the peak maximum of your capacity, this growth process is not critical.
Did you ever take a loot at the switches (1600M/4000M) bandwith monitor ?
You can access them with http if you know the switches ip-adress.
Which switch bears more load ? the 4000M or the 1600M ?

If you reach that point, it's time for a major reconfiguration. You don't plan the latter, do you ?
stockcarsrusAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help NetTechDude, I really appreciated it.

stockcarsrusAuthor Commented:
I did access both switches with http... I couldn't figure out how to look at the bandwidth monitor... no such thing on the screen.

Sorry, I've been busy on vacancies :-)
I have to admit that I am sure with that bandwith monitor only on the 2512 as I use serveral 2524 (their bigger brothers with 24 instead of 12 ports).

When you look at the 2512 with http, you have Java-Applets as tabs.
You need to have java enabled and working with your webbrowser.
Go to the tab "Status" and there select "overview". On top, you have a diagram "Port Utilization" ranging from 0 to 40%. You can click on the top-left corner of the diagram and change the scaling.

For the 4000M/1600M it should be similar.

Did you attach the switch already? Everything working ?
stockcarsrusAuthor Commented:
NetTechDude... Thanks for all your kind help.  Everything is connected and working smoothly.  This question can be closed.  Thanks again
"Thanks" is nice. Will you award any points to anyone ?
BTW: Which way did you do it ?
stockcarsrusAuthor Commented:
I hope I did the points thing right...
Very well. 't was a pleasure to help you. (as far as i could).
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