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Getting BLOB data field from database into a standard textbox

I have two types of BLOB in my database, image and text. I can save and retrieve images fine. I can store text in my database but have no idea how to get it into a textbox.

I can get a BLOB object from my MS Access 2000 database into a picturebox, how do i get it into a textbox? I have this code for the picturebox

'if its an image then do this      
     Dim ByteArray() As Byte
     'assign BLOB from db to bytearray
     ByteArray = DirectCast((myDataTable.Rows(0)(0)), Byte())
     'assign bytearray to memorystream
     Dim memstrm As New MemoryStream(ByteArray)
     'assign memorystream to picturebox
     PictureBox1.Image = Image.FromStream(memstrm)
'if its text then do this
                'textbox1.Text = ????

any help much appreciated
2 Solutions
maybe something like this
Bob LearnedCommented:
Actually, System.Text.Encoding.UTF8.GetString(byteArray) would probably do the job more efficiently.

ab2aeAuthor Commented:
excellent work experts, thanks!!

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