Does anyone know about CCTV system: "MPEG4 Hardware digital audio & video CCTV" is manual title. TriMedia, T1500 and Philips are some names in INI files.

My client has a working computerized CCTV system. It works well. I want to be able to access it remotely from any internet connected computer, but don't know how.
I am unable to determine what brand or product name is associated with this system.
"MPEG4 Hardware digital audio & video CCTV" is the manual's title. TriMedia, T1500 and  Philips semiconducter are some names in INI files.I have read the manual which doesn't spell it out. The consultant who installed it has dissappeared. I have googled a lot to find info without any good luck.
Their server is Windows 2000 Pro, and it has a fixed IP address.
If anyone recognizes this information I would greatly appreciate whatever help or direction can be provided. Thanks in advance.
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It's probably a generic system. But you can identify the product by the information on the device itself. Send me the names, numbers or other text you find and I'll tell you where it comes from. If you mistype or mess up spacing, it won't work. I might be easier to jus take a photo of the information on the device and email it to me, or post it online.

If it has an FCC number, that will reveal much too.
Jay2150Author Commented:
Hello, What I saw on a camera powersupply box was: PIDB-12VDC9       and   PIDB-CCTV AD9
all of the cameras have a cable that runs to a connector from a card in PC box. I was unable to remove cover, but if you want (need) me to I will schedule time to visit them again, and remove cover & card if necessary so that I may write down any info found, and take some pictures for you.
I just downloaded the pics from the camera, and I am not so happy with their quality ....  But they may be helpful.
If not I will go take more - maybe tomorrow, including inside the PC if you want.

Thanks ...

BTW how do I get the pics to you? Do you have an IP for me to FTP them, or??
I will post them on my wife's web site & you could view them ...
i'll take a look. however, power supplies are often separately bundled parts that have no direct connection with the hardware itself. consider your computer and all the other electronics in your house. those power cords probably all say "made in taiwan." we really need information from the camera itself. there should be something on it somewhere that says it was made, unless, which is often the case, it's a generic or knockoff that has "no home" but was simply "just made." The kind of stuff that is bought on streets for lower items, in off-market shops online and off, or for goods, in places like the dollar store.
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Just as I thought. The power supply is bundled:

The answer is on or within the camera itself. So collect that info and take some photos and we'll be in a better position.

I haven't seen the CCTV camera because it may matters if it's digital or analog, the age and technology used, etc., all which which impacts what it can or cannot do. (The product sounds like it may be older?) But with that said, it dawned on me that you may be looking at this from a different perspective. While you're trying to identify your CCTV, that may be a waste of time if you're true goal is to simply remotely control the CCTV regardless of which camera it is. So if the real question is "How do I remotely control my CCTV?" then you should be able to install compatible software and get it to work without ever knowing the model of the CCTV, even if it involves installing a few different codecs and randomly selecting different options because you don't currently know the camera brand and by extension which "correct option" to immediately pick. Course, a lot depends on your hardware and software, but not knowing may not mean you need to know.

I suggest installing this CCTV remote control software on your computer. (Windows 2000 is supported.) It's a free trial that gives you long enough to test the configuration to see if it works., which you may need because we don't know the camera type. If you get it to work, then you can either purchase the software, or get alternative software that does the same thing, ranging from free versions to others that cost but have your feature set.

That should do the trick! So good luck and keep me posted :-)

CCTV Remote Control Software:

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Jay2150Author Commented:
I did make a trip to the client & found a word doc which is the user manual for the CCTV. It is a Chinese product so the English is a bit hard to follow. ceecurtis is only person to respond, and even though I didn't have much info fot him/her the responces were helpful.
If this could be kept open a bit longer there may be something valuable in the Manual I found (maybe an answer) which I could pass along. OR could I send info to ceecurtis at a later time?
It's been awhile, so I woulda suggested abandonment too! But Jay's back. Jay, you say you didn't have much info from me, but I think I provided a lot of feedback based on the information you provided. For example, whether you have the manual or can interpret it, I stand by my last suggestion which should still resolve your issue if ever decide to use it. But you can still upload the Word doc on your webpage and link to it here just as you did the photo. But again, if the manual doesn't reveal an alternative software solution or where to purchase it, then you should consider the software I suggested to resolve your issue.
Jay2150Author Commented:
Thanks I'll do that, AND I didn't have much info FOR you AND you were still helpful. (that is what I was trying to say)
The link will be same & I'll send doc over now.

I was trying to say that even though I didn't give you very much to go on, you still were helpful to me!
I know what you were saying Jay. I was typing fast because I'm juggling lots of things. So if I sounded angry, trust me, I wasn't, lol. I was responding to you and the moderator who wanted some feedback so that he could make a recommendation. :-)
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