Just installed Mdaemon...

I have it installed on my machine and it is operating as an email server. I more or less wanted an application that checked web based email accounts. What I mean by this is my website has its own email system that can be assessed throughh the web. If I know the ip address of my website, how do I configure Mdaemon to check mail etc?
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Hi lavak,

If you have access to smtp you can download the mail from the isp server to your mail server and make the delivery, if you are trying to use that with for exemple a hotmail account or similar no joy.

Mdaemon will only work with mail that can be collected from a POP box, IMAP, or if mail is pushed to it using an SMTP feed.  Web mail can only be collected if there is a means for Mdaemon to login to it and suck the contents of the mailbox down from the web.

Often Web Mail gives you the ability to bring the contents of a POP mailbox into it.  This is the opposite of what is required.

If you do have a POP mailbox somewhere, which Mdaemon can drag email from, then you have the ability (through WorldClient) to create your own WebMail application.  

Subtle differences here between these three paragraphs.  If any of what I've said is not clear, please let us know.
If there is a Control Panel to administer your website and the mail, then you should be able to set up "catch-all" mail forwarding.  Send all mail to mdaemon.  Mdaemon will then put it into mailboxes for your users.
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Send all mail to mdaemon.

How is this done?  Either by sending it to the IP address which has mdaemon at the other end of it (SMTP feed) OR to a POP box somewhere which Mdaemon checks periodically.  Use DomainPOP in Mdaemon to login to the POP box.
lavakAuthor Commented:
What ip address am I using when setting up catch all. Is it the one where mdaemon is installed?
If asking about an IP address then it looks like you wish to go down the SMTP avenue.  Whilst this is the better choice it is more complex to setup.

First question:  Is the IP address that feeds mdaemon static or dynamic?  It can't be reliably done if it is dynamic.  You will need to put in a request to your Internet Service Provider if you wish to change from Dynamic to Static.

Presumably Mdaemon sits behind a Router on a LAN.  The Router will need to be setup so that anything that comes into it on the SMTP port (port 25) is shunted through for Mdaemon to deal with (this is known as Port Forwarding).  You will need to give the pc that hosts Mdaemon a static IP address so that anything that comes into the router on port 25 gets sent to the IP address where mdaemon sits.  The procedure (and terminology) varies from router to router.  See here for comprehensive guidance:-


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