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My company is looking for managed switch, any suggestions?  thx
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Cisco as always is the best but pricy.
I really like the hp procure for the price. Do you need a layer 3 switch?
I would stay away from smc and netgear. I worked for a company with about 250 smc switches and within 3 years we had about 100 go bad.
If you let me know what your using it for and how many port you need i can give you better advise.
mcrmgAuthor Commented:
we currently are hosting two websites in the house (do not know if that matters)

The reason that I am looking for the options is because recently, when one user is copying/moving large amount of data from local machine to the server, at some point, it will say, " is not available" I do not know maybe we need to get a better switch??? or route the network cable better???

Also, what is the difference between layer2 and 3?  thx
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