Computer sharing

Hi, i have two computers and want to share them together.

first pc is     XP

2and pc is   win 2000

The problem is that i can't access the 2000 computer from xp computer. It tells me access permission something.
But i can access the xp computer from 2000 with all the shared folders.  Can someone help me?  why i can't get connect to the windows 2000 computer from the xp computer?

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Answer is, XP use simple file sharing by default, 2000 use permission based file sharing.  So on 2000 server, you just MAKE AN ACCOUNT to match the login name and password you use for the XP system.  Make sure 2000 and XP folders are shared with MS CLient for Networking.  Reboot both machines, then on XP system right click on Network, search for computers, type in name of 2000 system, and it find it.  After a couple of retries and reboots, it work, but you MUST have the XP login/PW as a valid "account" with admin privelege on the 2000 system.  Read this again, try it, you get it right after some trying !!
Are you using the same userid and password on both computers?
If they are stand alone (no domain), be sure the account you are using on the XP machine is replicated on the 2000 box (ie, create one with same name and password). Then give it permissions to soemthing (NTFS & share on a shared folder, or printing permissions on a shared printer.
Do you have any firewalls turned on? Also make sure you have File and Printer sharing enabled in the Network Connection properties.

share a floder in win2000 computer

then go to xp machine, open explorer and type the following in address bar


let us know if you get any error messages

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