How to format time XSL 1.0

I'm trying to format this line to exclude the seconds at the end.

Any ideas?

<xsl:value-of select="TRANSACTION/PRINTTIME" />

I tried using format-time, then realized its not available in this version...
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The answer is probably dependent on the format of the time itself.

One possibility which removes the last 2 characters
<xsl:value-of select="substring(TRANSACTION/PRINTTIME), 1, string-length(TRANSACTION/PRINTTIME) - 2)"/>
Geert BormansInformation ArchitectCommented:
Date formatting in XSLT is always a matter of substring operations
(unless you are using data-types in XSLT2.0)
functions to check are

substring(string, number, number)
substring-before(string, string)
substring-after(string, string)

also handy are
translate() and normalize-space()

it is important for us to know how the date format is in order to help
There is a fair chance that jkmyoungs solution works
of course you need a -3 instead of -2 if the format has an 's' for seconds

if your format is something like this
it could be safer to have
substring-after(substring-after(TRANSACTION/PRINTTIME, ':') , ':')
because that also works with this
12:24:5 instead of 12:24:05

all depends on what you have,
but you are into heavy substringing :)

most XSLT programmers have over time built their own little date processing library,
or use one of the many available "out there"

one thing worth checking out is EXSLT,
that is a standardised XSLT extension, that has some extra functionality,
There is a date library, and you never know it is supported by your processor,
just check it out

JonCardonaAuthor Commented:

This worked perfectly. Thanks!!
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