Importing Exmerged PST's generate (MSPST MS) (UNKNOWN ERROR) (CMapiSession::CreateEMSPSTProfile)

Exchange 2003.  Okay i've read all of the other posts on this topic, but none seem to apply or work.  Moving from one domain to another.  Same users.   Exmerged to .pst's from the old exchange server.  When importing (exmerge on exchange server).  

Using default locale for all mailboxes
[16:46:49] Initializing worker thread (Thread0)
[16:46:49] Merging data from file 'E:\EXEC\JSOMOGYI.PST' to mailbox 'Janet Somogyi' ('JSOMOGYI') on server 'IDPEXCH01'.
[16:46:49] Error configuring message service (MSPST MS) (UNKNOWN ERROR)  (CMapiSession::CreateEMSPSTProfile)
[16:46:49] Errors encountered. Copy process aborted for mailbox 'Janet Somogyi' ('JSOMOGYI').
[16:46:49] Number of items copied from the source store for all mailboxes processed: 0
[16:46:49] Total number of folders processed in the source store: 0
[16:46:49] 0 mailboxes successfully processed. 1 mailboxes were not successfully processed. 0 non-fatal errors encountered.
[16:46:49] Process completion time: 00:00:00

Selected mailboxes do not import.  So, that rules out permissions, as there is no pattern to which mailboxes and which stores i'm restoring to.   Some mailboxes into one store, some into another.  I'm really under the gun here cause I didn't expect so many errors.  When I tried to export directly into outlook 2003, I get the same issue many others get, telling me to run scanpst.exe.  But that seems about as useful as a......well you get the point.  I'm at wits end.  Please please please help me!

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before i say anything to cofuse u more i will try to explain how exmerge PST works...
when u use exmerge to export a mailbox it creates pst file with a name that matches users mailbox if the mailbox name is janet u will have a janet.pst...... to import it in to a new server u should have a mailbox names janet inorder for this  to work this how u have performed ur operation????

also u should have full mailbox rights(in the destination server) to all the mailboxes that u try to import exmerged u have this permission???
Exmerge is funny when going direct from server to server.  A far better option is to first export the mailboxes to pst files and then import tham into the new use the Two Step method, not the 1 step method.  You will need to create these destination users and mail enable them manually first.

As Vahik mentioned, the pst file name will take a format of alias name.pst so the alias of the destination mailbox and the name of the pst must be the same.
IDPIncAuthor Commented:
I found the issue through a call with Microsoft.  The problem, is that you cannot exmerge mailboxes greater than 2GB in size.   Despite my efforts to curb this, it has been met with great resistance.  What I had to do was export those mailboxes through outlook and them import them again.  Ugh.  
Closed, 500 points refunded.
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