Why am I getting undefined references when using argtables?

Posted on 2006-03-20
Last Modified: 2007-12-19
I am fairly new to C++, and don't get to use it much on top of that, and I'm trying to learn how to use argtable. I have followed the tutorial that came with it but I keep getting the following undefined reference errors:

path/ undefined reference to `arg_filen'
path/ undefined reference to `arg_lit0'
path/ undefined reference to `arg_lit0'
path/ undefined reference to `arg_end'
path/ undefined reference to `arg_nullcheck'
path/ undefined reference to `arg_parse'
path/ undefined reference to `arg_print_errors'

My code is here:

#include <iostream>
#include <argtable2.h>
using namespace std;

#define EXIT_FAILURE 1

char *programName;

int main (int argc, char **argv)
  struct arg_file *directory;
  struct arg_lit *recursive, *help;
  struct arg_end *end;

  directory = arg_filen("d", "directory","<file>",0, 10, "Directory to index");
  recursive = arg_lit0("r", "recursive", "Crawl recursively");
  help = arg_lit0("h", "help", "Print this help and exit");
  end = arg_end(20);
  void *argtable[] = {directory, recursive, help, end};
  directory->filename[0] = ".";
  recursive->count = 1;
  // Check for NULL entries.
  if (arg_nullcheck(argtable) != 0)
    printf("error: insufficient memory\n");

  // Parse the command line arguments.
  int nerrors = arg_parse(argc,argv,argtable);

  // If errors, print them.
  if (nerrors > 0)
    arg_print_errors(stdout,end, "indexer");

  void arg_print_syntaxv(FILE *fp, void **argtable, const char *suffix);

What am I missing here? I have argtable2.h in my include directory. Any help appreciated.
$ locate argtable2.h


Question by:ibanja
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    Expert Comment

    Hi ibanja,
    > #include <argtable2.h>
    Try the following:
    #include "argtable2.h"

    David Maisonave (Axter)
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    Expert Comment

    Also, please post contents of argtable2.h

    Author Comment


    I tried #include "argtable2.h" but it still gives me the errors.  I even copied it into the same directory as my main program and still no go.

    Since it is fairly big I will give a link to argtable2.h.
    or here click on the 1.9

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    Expert Comment

    Your original post is not the full code, since the 1st error is reported on line 41, whereas you only have 36 lines, so I assume the problem comes from the missing part. Do you have a

    #define ARGTABLE2

    around? If so, remove it, since it would prevent the header file to be 'seen' and explain the errors.

    Author Comment


    Sorry I should have numbered the lines for clarity. The top of the original file is just the GNU license. Listed below are the lines the errors refer to:

    41  directory = arg_filen("d", "directory","<file>",0, 10, "Directory to index");
    42  recursive = arg_lit0("r", "recursive", "Crawl recursively");
    43  help = arg_lit0("h", "help", "Print this help and exit");
    44  end = arg_end(20);
    51  if (arg_nullcheck(argtable) != 0)
    55  int nerrors = arg_parse(argc,argv,argtable);
    59  arg_print_errors(stdout,end, "indexer");

    I don't have a #define ARGTABLE2 anywhere.

    I found the following in the libraries readme.txt file:
    Remember to update your system's LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include
    /usr/local/lib/ (the install location of the dynamic library)
    otherwise your applications won't be able to find it.

    The thing is the library is in /usr/lib
    /usr/lib/ ->

    But I don't see the variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH when I run the command "env" so I don't think this is the issue, however I am posting it in case I am missing something.  I've also tried putting symbolic links from the above lib files to /usr/local/lib.
    /usr/local/lib/libargtable2.a -> /usr/lib/libargtable2.a
    /usr/local/lib/ -> /usr/lib/
    /usr/local/lib/ -> /usr/lib/


    Author Comment

    Also, the header file should have all the necessary declarations.
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    Accepted Solution

    Hm, LD_LIBRARY_PATH is only of interest ar runtime. But, are you specifying the lib at all when compiling? Try adding '-largtable2' to your command line, e.g.

    g++ -largtable2

    Author Comment


    That did it.  Now I have to figure out how to set that in my  I am using automake.
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    Expert Comment

    How does that file look like?

    Author Comment

    The is listed below:


    #  uncomment the following if index requires the math library
    #index_LDADD=-lm index.texinfo help.txt doc

    #  if you write a self-test script named `chk', uncomment the
    #  following and add `chk' to the EXTRA_DIST list

    #  build and install the .info pages
    #info_TEXINFOS = index.texinfo
    #index_TEXINFOS = gpl.texinfo

    #  install the man pages

    Author Comment

    Thanks jkr,

    Adding the following line to the did it:


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