Linksys Wireless SRX400 with Sonicwall TZ170 Help!!!

I am tiring to hook up a linksys wrt54gx4 (SRX400) and a wrt54gx2 (srx200) to my companies network.

I have assigned each linksys router a static ip

and of course i have turned off the dhcp server in each linksys router.

i can hook it to our network a get a connection every once in a while after a reset is performed on either of the linksys routers. but shortly after i cant connect to them.

i have the following

dsl modem---sonicwall ( (
                                                            |  |  \----Linksys SRX400 (
                                                            |   \------Linksys SRX200 (
                                                             \---------other domain Commuters
                                                                        ( -

all computers, routers, linksys wireless, and servers have as the subnet

Is there some configuration i need to setup in the sonicwall that i am missing??

I have the Sonicwall TZ170 SonicOS Enhanced with the CGS
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What are the Linksys routers supposed to do?
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Are the connections to the WAN or LAN ports of the Linksys units. LAN port is recommended, which would make them access points and should work fine. Connecting to the WAN port would require using a different subnet on the LAN side Having similar subnets on either side of a router can result in unpredictable results or no connection at all.
Just a thought.
narokAuthor Commented:
The Linksys router are suposed to act as access points so that the 4 or 5 laptops and a couple of pda's can have access to our domain and internet throughout our plant.

All i thought i would have to do is assign a static ip address to the linksys routers (also the ip used to access the web based config screens of the linksys router)
and turn off the dhcp server in each of the linksys routers.

The Ip addresses that i assigned the Linksys routers are below the Range of Ip addresses that the sonicwall is giving out.(see original post at top)

and i am plugging the network cable from the switches throughout our plant into port 1 on the linksys routers which is ethernet port.

(just for clarification Im not plugging anything into the WAN port of the linksys routers.)

But i must be missing something or not allowing the linksys routers to be access through my sonicwall or something. Im kind of new to the who sonicwall thing so if there is something i need to set in it please let me know.

also a second question.... since the ip address of the linksys routers are below the range of ips given out by the sonicwall do i have to somehow add a listing of the linksys routers static ip to the sonicwall.
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
Sounds like you have it configured properly, but I am not familiar with the Sonicwalls. You shouldn't have to configure anything on those units unless you have set up the Sonicwall to specifically block some sorts of local traffic. By default there should be nothing causing a problem. On the Linksys leave the WAN configuration blank.

When you loose the connection, can you still connect to the Linksys, for example can you connect to the Linksys web management page? If so the problem is the Sonic-Linksys connection, if not the problem is the wireless connection.  If you are loosing the wireless connection, try a wired connection to the Linksys. See if you can maintain a wired connection to the web management page. Step by step you may be able to narrow it down.
narokAuthor Commented:
i can connect to the web interface via a wire pluged into the sonicwall and the linksys is pluged into a switch which is pluged into the sonicwall. But the wireless when i first plug in the linksys router and it boots ip i can connect and surf the net or shared files on the server. But shortly after the signal on the laptops starts falling off.... it will be at 54Mbits and then go slowly down to 5.5Mbits and then lose connection. This happens on all the laptops so i know its not the laptops. Then you can search for siginal and it wont find the linksys, even sitting 10 feet away. But i took the linksys to my house just to test it there on a diffrent config and i have a srx400 at my house and i took the configured srx400 from work and without changing a thing it will work like it is suposed to work. and i used it all night long with my laptop to surf the internet. So this is werid i just dont get it. any ideas on what to try.

Rob WilliamsCommented:
If the signal strength is dropping off it shouldn't have anything to do with the configuration. I would normally say it sounds like a problem with the wireless router/s but you say they work fine at home. So, that leaves interference. Any 2.4ghz cordless phones, microwaves, or industrial equipment in the area? Could you try setting one up in another part of the building. Don't worry about an Internet connection, just see if the signal strength changes. I don't have any "cleaver" suggestions right now but that might help to isolate the problem.

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