DHCP not giving new ip address for subnet

I have one DHCP server with a superscope that holds 3 different subnets. I have a layer 3 switch that forwards dhcp requests to my DHCP server.  When I take a particular laptop from one (192.168.11.x) subnet to another (192.168.12.x) subnet it will not release the 192.168.11.x address.  I can do a ipconfig /release and it will drop the address. (It will also be gone from the server) When I do a Ipconfig /renew it picks up the 192.168.11.x address again. I have only noticed it on one computer on the network. The only work around I have found is to give it a static IP on the correct subnet reboot the computer and make sure there are not entries for that laptop in DHCP.
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I don't think you need to be using a superscope for this.

Simply set up each with their own scope and it should work correctly.
Have you tried setting the option on the DHCP server properties (DNS tab) to discard A and PTR records on deletion of lease - then set the lease to something reasonable to expect (like 3 or four hours).

You need to balance excessive renewals with the risk of a user moving subnets.  If they do (within the lease period) then you need to delete the lease manually or create a script that can be run to delete the lease.

heh...found this but their site is down right now so here's the google cache:

basically the guy from MSFT is saying the same thing I just said...and it looks like it's the exact same issue you are having.
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