URGENT ! How to convert my VB application as a System service

I need to run my VB  application as a service. It has to run all the time from windows startup without need to any user being logged on.
Its urgent so please respond ASAP.
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sudha_m_aAuthor Commented:
WEll I already tried the  srvany and instsrv way. But the service says it is started but I do not see it in the process list?  Alos the exe has a form which I hide it. Does it have anything do with my application not being shown? I did not write any code in my exe though. Just followed the steps

Please help
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I'm not sure if your hidden form is having any effect ... if your service doesn't need a GUI then make it a console app and start from Sub Main.  I do know that there are additional settings for services that need to interact with the desktop.

One other thing that may be hiding your service from the process list ... if you used instsrv it is possibily running under the SYSTEM account rather than your login account and processes owned by System are hidden in your proclist.....
may be try to put on task schedler and run when the machine starts
sudha_m_aAuthor Commented:
Thanks it is working,
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