Update to document lags behind update to view

When I update a document, there is a long lag before the change to the field actually shows up.
Oddly, the change shows immediately in the view. Why would this happen and is there anything I can
do about it.
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Hi Paynestreet,

Have you tried this on another PC?  Try to resolve whether it is just yours or across the board....


agreed.. excellent starting point, Broad.
paynestreetAuthor Commented:
I'm running the app on the web so the desktop ought not to be a factor.
Of course, I'm doing a ... submit() as opposed to the @COMMAND([FILESAVE]) I would do if I
were running on the client.  
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Check the http log on your server.. sometimes they come under attack, or sometimes they get hung sessions.   If you don't have one :) then you should create it.  Also, fine tune the log so that you're not logging gets for images, just the finer points.

This should be a separate log from log.nsf, BTW, see: The Domino Web server log (DOMLOG.NSF)   in Administration Help
paynestreetAuthor Commented:

One thing helps-
If I go to internet options and clear cache (delete files), the changes show up.
Can Domino help me do this or should I look to the web server?
That would be in your location document?  And how many session to hold open, as well as how often to refresh the cache.   You can fine tune that, along with your perweb.nsf database.  If you don't have one, you should create it, and turn on the housekeeping as well as list it in your location document.

The server has web.nsf that should also hold some housekeeping rules.

Most people forget to maintain the perweb.nsf, get a bad cookie in there and Notes crashes.. :)  Most times it is created automatically when you install notes.  Some instances of R5 and earlier R6 didn't create it.

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Oh, set number of concurrent sessions in Location Doc, and when to refresh.  If you make it smaller, then it will refresh more frequently.   If you make it larger, then it might slow down notes. :)
paynestreetAuthor Commented:

Thank you for all your help.  I'm testing in our DEV regio and it is not well maintained.
Glad to be of Help!
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