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Command Line Time Zone Change

I work for a restuarant chain with XP pro as servers and Windows 98 clients for cash registers in each location. Most of these are remote and I need a way to change the time zone from Indiana East to Eastern Standard time, without visiting each computer. I have found utilities for nt based machines but not 98. Also I can connect remotely to the servers with PCanywhere. Thanks in advance.
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This link shows you how to activate the various applets in the Control Panel.

You could call up the Date/Time applet and change the items that way.
Hmmm, just nipped in ahead of mine there dbrunton :-)

You might be able to add a command to the one of the "RunOnce" registry keys eg:
causing regedit to run a batch file to change the Time & Date and then call regedit to import a .REG file the first time the system is rebooted:
Rob van der Woude's pages are annoying the way they load in a frame and you can't get the url to return to the exact page.  I think this is the RunDLL command you were referring to dbrunton:

Date/Time Properties:
    rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL timedate.cpl

Pick a Time Zone Dialog (Doesn't work for me, just shows the same dialog):
    rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL timedate.cpl,,/f

You would then need to pass keystrokes to the GUI to get it to do the job.  I remember using a util from one of the PC mags to do this, it was a 16 bit app that I can't remember the name of.

Trouble is you have to install an app, hmm these are 98 machines connected to servers so they should be able to access an app installed on a server.

There's Winbatch and others that could do the keystroke task.
mr kev
Can you access the registries of each of the terminals on your network remotely?

I can't recall, but I think the remote Win98 terminals have to be running the remote registry service (CD:\tools\reskit\netadmin\remotreg\regserv.exe) to enable registry access from a remote network source.
As you may conclude, networking is not my strong point, so I would welcome contradiction with this one :-)

There are other 3rd-party utilities that allow you to take over the remote computer as though it was your own, but they also normally have to have a client service running on the remote computers to work.

Thank you LeeTutor and GranMod