Need a smaller case for my huge system... recommendations?

So, I'm building this server, and all the components fit together so nicely.  I figure I'll just check with the folks at the colocation facility to make sure they can accommodate the new chassis.  Well, that 8.27"W x 24.29"H x 24.61"D Lian Li will run me an extra 50% on top of my existing rental costs.  I gotta stay under or around 9x20x20 in order to keep costs reasonable on that front.

The motherboard is E-ATX at 12"x13", but the real problem is the 9 internal 3.5" drives that are living in there in addition to the floppy and optical drives.

Any case recommendations?  What about other internal storage solutions for these 9 drives (yes I'd prefer to keep the 9 drives, though I suppose I could cut it down to 7 if I really had to) -- I've seen some Cooler Master cases that have a "4-in-3" device module that apparently converts 3 5.25" drive bays into 4 3.5" drive bays... but I'm not sure whether this item can be purchased separately or would even work in a non-CM case.  Surely there exists, though I haven't come across it in my relatively limited travels through the case world, some kind of adapter to convert at least a single 5.25" bay to 3.5" ...?

Any suggestions?
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You should find out if Rack mountable servers are extra... I would expect not.  9" is a 5U space (actually, a 5U space is 8.75 inches) and 19" wide is STANDARD rack size.  Depth on the other hand often can exceed 20 inches - most Rack servers I've seen are more like 24-30 inches deep.

Check out:

psk1Author Commented:
1U is the same cost as the tower;  anything larger costs more and thus isn't a viable solution.  Thanks for the suggestion though..
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Perhaps you should look at another colo facility - that's just rediculous if you ask me - a tower is a 4U-5U box... doesn't make sense, if I were running that facility, I'd be giving you discounts to use the proper server - or simply charging you by the U.

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psk1Author Commented:

iStarUSA RP-HDD3.5-B YLW H.D.D Bracket 3.5" Metal for internal 5.25" bay

I posted this recommendation in your storage question:
psk1Author Commented:

You're right;  it doesn't make sense.  I'm finding that they're being a bit inflexible to the point of appearing unreasonable.  So I'm out searching for a colo facility in central Virginia or southeast Pennsylvania that can support tower servers (regardless of whether I make this particular server a rack-mount, we have another which is not so adaptable and they should be housed together, behind the same router).


Much appreciated.  But it turns out the existing colo provider isn't playing nice and I don't want to make the case too tight for fear of overheating.  In addition, your recommendation has at most 9 drive bays in all, and I'm looking at 11 drives, 10 of which are 3.5" (9 HDD + 1 FDD, and then 1 optical).

I think I'm going to go with my original case choice and find another colo provider.  Thanks!
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