Outlook Today Window Shows Links to Calendar, Messages and Tasks, but no entries

On an employee's Outlook 2003 install, when you open outlook it is set to default to the Outlook Today window.  On every other computer, the outlook today window opens with Calendar, Messages and Tasks displaying entries for each category.  On the computer in question, no entries show up but instead a link to messages, calendar and tasks are displayed.  If I click on a different folder and then click back on Outlook Today, the proper view with entries is displayed for about .5 seconds before switching back to the link view.  Any suggestions?  thanks, Ian
GDB IanAsked:
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Sounds like one of the two html pages for the particular OT style is corrupt.
As kjanicke started to point out, Outlook Today gets its information from the "Default delivery location

If you change the desired style via "Customize Outlook Today", does it still behave the same way?
Or does it behave the same for all styles?

If for all styles, I would suggest a clean install vs. a "detect and repair".

FYI - You don't need C++ to create customized Outlook Today styles. Simple HTML coding will work just fine to pull data from multiple .pst's at once. I have one the pulls info from multiple .pst's, and adds a live news and weather radar feed from the internet.  :)
Does the user have delivery going to a PST?  Were any of the default folders renamed?  Names with slashes can be a problem.

Was the machine upgraded from Outlook 2000 to 2003 (rather than a clean install)?
You can customize  the Outlook Today page is you are familiar with c/c++

GDB IanAuthor Commented:
The install was an upgrade from Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2003.  The upgrade was supposed to uninstall all previous versions before installing Office 2003.  No default folders have been renamed.  All customizations on the Outlook Today page behave in the same way.  I will try a reinstall to see if this fixes the issue.  
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