emails coming through with double attachments.

I am not too sure if this relates to Notes, an issue with the recipients server or our mail server or the client on the other end.

We have some users who are sending files via email to external clients. The attachments may contain one PDF or jpg file. When it gets to the other end, the attachments has doubled up, and I believe there is also an additional DTF file included.

Has anyone seen this before? The users are on Mac's with Notes 6.5.4. It only appears to be related to the Mac users as well.

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Hmm.. a couple of posts in the R6-7 forum.  If you open the user's location document to the MIME settings, set the first to base64.  Now when I was working with macs, I set the second value to AppleDouble (Base64 only).  That usually cleared up all evils.

Also, because they would get mails formatted with one column, right aligned, I would set their mail preferences to prefers mime.  This was OSX, 6.5.4 & 6.5.5
 So, did it work?  or do you require more assistance?
slugeramaAuthor Commented:
I shall accept this answer as it was the only one I received which I do appreciate by the way. However the feedback from the support person who was also attempting to resolve this issue informs me that he has already done this, but did not have any success. To resolve this issue, I believe he went back to an earlier version of Notes. 6.5.1 I believe he went back to.

Thanks for the assistance anyway marilyng. Sorry the outcome wasn't more positive.
Now, you see, the 6.5.1 didn't work at all for us on MAC OSX (release 4+) and we couldn't upgrade fast enough.   Now there are some differences to how NOTES installs and acts depending on the MAC configurations and OS releases.  The environment I worked on used R5.0.12 for OS9, and R6.5.4 - 6.5.5 for OSX.  The MAC environment integrated with a Windows Network.

I can't explain why your support person didn't have any success, since the solution I presented really is the solution to this problem, other than maybe a reinstall of notes.

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