docmd.openform subform where question

I have the following code as part of a command buttons onclick event:
DoCmd.OpenForm "Adult MIF subform", , , "[Member ID]=" & Me![Member ID], , acHidden

The whenever I click the button, I get "The OpenForm action was canceled." message and then nothing happens.

Probably something easy, but this used to work until I added the where clause part, so its probably something with that part of it.  Any ideas as to how to fix this? I want the subform record related to the current main form record to open in the background for some other processing.  
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You can get this message when there is no data to display.  Put a code break on the line and see what value is in Me![Member ID].  Make sure that value exists in  [Member ID] of the record source of "Adult MIF subform".  Also remove the "acHidden" so yoncon see what is going on with "Adult MIF subform".
lorenkiiAuthor Commented:
You are correct, it seems like it the two are not connecting, because when I make the subform that opens visible the member ID is blank, not the same as the one on the main form.  The id's are text fields, which they need to be since some of the ids are alphanumeric, but when I change them to be integers for the purpose of my test, the whole thing works fine.  So maybe I am not accounting for the text variables properly?  Any ideas?
You need to add apostrophes for text fields:
"[Member ID]='" & Me![Member ID] "'"
apostrophes  _/\ ________________/\

VBA data type-declaration characters:
String: bracket with quotation marks or apostrophes (required)
Example: "this is a string" or 'This is a string'

Date/Time: Bracket with pound signs (required)
Example: #6/1/1947#, #June 17, 1999#, #3:30pm#, #1/5/63 2:33#

Number (Base 10): No type-declaration character needed (The number will automatically be converted to the type needed)
Example: 1234, 67.77

Hexadecimal number: precede with &h
Example: &H10

0ctal number: precede with &O
Example: &O10

Optionally, you can also explicitly specify the data type:
Integer: Append with percent sign
Example: 1234%

Long: Append with ampersand  
Example: 67877768&

Currency: Append with at sign
Example: 62.45@

Single: Append with exclamation point  
Example: 123.777!, 67.00!

Double: Append with number sign
Example: 677767.8888#

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