Sonic Wall Pro 300 clean default restore

I have a Sonic Wall Pro 300 that needs to be restored back to the default settings because the previous admin lost the password. I do not have Sonic Wall support. My questions are..

1. What is the procedure to get back to the default clean setup for the Sonic Wall Pro 300?

2. Will I need the Firmware and if so where do I get it without Sonic Wall support?
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Erasing the Firmware on SonicWall Pro 300
There can be instances when it is necessary to reset the SonicWALL to its factory clean state if
the following events happen to the appliance:
• Administrator password is forgotten
• The firmware has become corrupt, and you cannot contact the Management Interface
• The test light comes on and stays on for more than a few minutes.
• During the troubleshooting process, you must start from a “known” state.
Once the firmware is erased, new firmware must be loaded, and the SonicWALL must be
The following procedure erases all settings and reverts the unit to the factory default state. It
is necessary to follow the initial configuration procedures detailed in this manual's QuickStart
section to reconfigure the SonicWALL. If you need the firmware, download it from <http://> or load it from the CD included with the appliance. You can also
download firmware by logging into <> as a registered user.
Locating the Reset button on your SonicWALL Internet Security Appliance
The SonicWALL TELE3 SP models use the small recessed button on the back of the unit for this
Erasing the Firmware for all Models
1. Turn off the SonicWALL and disconnect all cables to the network.
2. Locate the recessed Reset Switch on the back panel of the SonicWALL.
3. Press and hold the Reset Switch and then apply power to the SonicWALL. Once the
Test LED starts to flash, let go of the Reset Switch.
The Test LED flashes for approximately 90 seconds while the firmware is erased. After
completing the diagnostic sequence, the Test LED stays lit, indicating that the firmware has
been erased. It is normal for the Test LED to stay lit after erasing the firmware. It does not go
off until the firmware is installed and loaded into memory by the automatic restart.
4. Log back into the SonicWALL at the default IP address, "".
Make sure that the Management Station's IP address is in the same subnet as the
SonicWALL--for example, "".
5. The SonicWALL Management Interface displays a message stating that the
firmware has been erased. Click the Browse button to locate the SonicWALL
firmware file on the Management Station hard drive. Or upload the firmware file
that is located on the SonicWALL Companion CD.
6. Reconfigure the SonicWALL as described in Chapter 2.
To get the firmware, the latest is, goto and login with the ID this firewall is registered as.

If you have never registered before, create an user id and register the Serial. You will then be able download the firmware. On these units, you can download firmware for free with no support
QuestionAsker1Author Commented:
I have to enter valid GMS License information to be able to download the latest GMS software to get the firmware from and is not a valid address.

After I findout how to get the firmware I should be OK.
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You do not need the GMS software. Select the drop down box and the pro 300 should be available
And you don't have the original CD's I take it either?
QuestionAsker1Author Commented:
I do not have the CDs. I also will not be able to register the product until I get on site. I am a little concerned that I may have some conflict assuming it was prob. registered with the other admin. If anyone has a direct link or specific location for the firmware I think this would assure that I have no problems once I get on site.
You need to contact a SonicWall reseller :) and they can probably assist you very quickly. I have a copy of the firmware but cannot post it or a link here.
I can email the firmware to you. only 2mb

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QuestionAsker1Author Commented:
jli168 you can email the firmware to "blang @"
It's send to you. Let me know if you didn't get it.
Does someone still have the firmware for this router, the Sonicwall Pro 300?
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