MSN EXPLORER (Not IE) - Clear Auto Complete or Turn Off Auto Complete

When using MSN EXPLORER (not Microsoft Internet Explorer {IE} ) how do I clear the Auto Complete information that is stored?  Can I turn this "feature" off?

I have searched the help file in MSN EXPLORER and there is nothing on topic.  I have also searched this forum but the answers usually defualt to IE and not MSN EXPLORER.

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Greetings, joedunn !

MSN Explorer is really Internet Explorer with some branding.  Go to Tools > Internet Options > Content > Autocomplete.  Clear the files and uncheck forms and passwords there.

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joedunnAuthor Commented:
I don't seem to have that option.
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It appears that the AutoComplete feature cannot be disabled:

"Go to the MSN explorer's help file, you'll see that:

Disabling AutoComplete

In 'IE' you can clear your AutoComplete history, and you can restrict
AutoComplete to Web addresses, forms, and user names and passwords on
forms, or disable all three. In MSN Explorer it is not possible to
modify or disable AutoComplete."

"It is not possible to disable the autocomplete in MSN Explorer/MSN 8"

Privacy Eraser may be able to remove autocomplete entries.
Marc ZCommented:
Have you tried at least slecting the autocompleted entry and hit the Shift + Del keys?  That 'might' delete them.  

I don't use MSN Explorer or IE but Firefox has a full 'Clear Private Data When Closing Firefox' option.  You could install Firefox as a trial and see if you like it.  It will import all your favorites from Explorer.
You do not have to make it your default browser.  You can then uninstall Firefox if it is not for you.  Plenty of other Browsers out there to try if your up to it.
Marc ZCommented:
Oops,  slecting is selecting.  Try a couple different options like Ctrl + Del. Alt+Del

I think the Shift+ Del should do it though.

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