Metaframe Upgrade / farm migrate Question

We have 2 metaframe xp a servers running on Windows 2000 in a farm. Let me call them FS1 and FS2
1.  I want to remove FS1 from the farm. FS2 is the datacollector and we are using an Access database.
2. then I will upgrade FS2 to Windows 2003.
3. I have another server(FS3) in a different farm running Windows 2003. I want to bring that into the first farm.

Does anyone see issues with this? Can you suggest a better way if this has risks involved? Also I read somewhere that the best way to upgrade windows 2000 to 2003 is to uninstall Citrix and then do the upgrade? If that is the case, what will happen to all my applications etc?

Thanks for your help in advance...
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I would see the basic plan as the following.

- move the data collector to FS1
- Force all users to log onto FS1 during the upgrade process
- Uninstall Citrix from FS2
- Rebuild FS2 with 2003
- Install Citrix back onto FS2 & configure
- Move data collector to FS2
- Remove FS1 from the farm
- Add FS3 into the farm

Depending upon the time frame and complexity of your setup this could be completed in one day.
Need a little bit more info:

Which server is your license server? *** this is important
When you say "datacollector" I think you are referring to the "Data Store".  This holds your farm database & static info (list of published apps, policies, etc...).  All servers can be Data Collectors and this can be changed at any time very easily through the CMC (One server is usually set as the "Most Preferred" while others are either "Preferred" or "Not Preferred").   The Data Store is only on one server and requires a few steps to move it.  Let me know if you need to know how to determine which server is the Data Store.

I would suggest doing it a little bit differently, but it's going to depend on if your farm can manage to only have 1 server running at any given point.  Or, even better do all of this during downtime so it doesn't matter:

1. Join FS3 to the farm
2. Move the Data Store to FS3
3. Remove FS1 and FS2 from farm
4. Upgrade FS2 & rejoin to farm

For the OS upgrade I always like to do a complete rebuild to start fresh so there aren't any conflicts coming over into your new OS.  If possible I would just install Windows Server 2003 clean.  This is obviously more work because you will have to also re-install applications but in my experience will cause less problems down the road and probably end up saving you time in the end.

You said this:
"Also I read somewhere that the best way to upgrade windows 2000 to 2003 is to uninstall Citrix and then do the upgrade? If that is the case, what will happen to all my applications etc?"

This is exactly the point I am trying to make.  Citrix knows that their software will break if you just upgrade the OS so they tell you to uninstall then reinstall.  There are a lot more apps out there that will do exactly the same thing.  Unfortunately you probably won't know until you do it - hence the problems you run into down the road.  So again if possible when upgrading to Server 2003, just do a clean install of everything.
rnyayapathiAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comments. I have questions for both of you

1. If I keep FS1 online, will there be issues regarding Metaframe XP interoperability on Windows 2000 and Windows 2003?
I have over 50 published apps so reinstalling them is going to be a real pain.


My license server is FS2. How can I move it to FS3 if I take your option?

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As fas as I am aware there are no issues with having Metaframe XP on 2000 & 2003 servers in the same farm. Though from your orginal question you are wanting to take FS1 out. Thus by using FS1 during the upgrade process your applications to your users will stay the same under windows 2000. Then when FS2 is upgraded and your applications re-installed, complete full testing on FS2 to make sure that all apps work well under 2003. Then flick all users onto the new server, keep FS1 on-line initially but with no users connected just in case you have to back track.
I am guessing that FS3 is already at 2003 in preparation to move into the farm.

As mgcIT states, the licesnsing server is important and as it is currently on FS2 then this will have to be moved as well.

I just realized you are running Metaframe XP.  The license server was not introduced until Presentation Server 3.0 so there is nothing you need to do here.  The license files are stored in your farm so when you move the data store they will be moved as well.  Unless you are upgrading Citrix as well, you are good.
rnyayapathiAuthor Commented:
Ok, I misunderstood the license server part. My only problem is time. I have like a day to do this. Reinstalling all the apps is going to take a lot of time. Has anyone ever done an in pace upgrade of windows 2000 to 2003 with Citrix installed?
Can you also show me how to move the datastore to a different server?
Move data store:

I've never done an upgrade to 2003 with citrix installed and wouldn't recommend it either.
rnyayapathiAuthor Commented:
Ok Thanks
rnyayapathiAuthor Commented:
Question, Isnt there an issue with licensing when you have two servers one running Windows 2000 and the other 2003 in the same farm?
There are mainly problems with the Microsoft TS licensing.  See: 

Since you already have FS3 running in another farm I'm assuming you already have a 2003 TS License server right?

And here's some other opinions on the upgrade process as well from another thread:

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rnyayapathiAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot!! yes, i do have 2003 TS licensing..
rnyayapathiAuthor Commented:
Ok Guys, Change in plans!! I want to leave FS2 on Windows2000 for now. I just dont have the time to do the whole reinsatll. I want to bring Fs3 into this farm and remove FS1 from the farm.
So end result I will have FS2 on Windows 2000 and FS3 running Windows 2003. Do you see any issues here? Where should the datastore, datacollector be?
Thanks for the help in advance
I don't see any issues other than the 2 servers will look different to the users so they may be confused (hopefully not too much).  The big question will be how your applications differ on each OS so this really has nothing to do with citrix.  

You'll want to make sure to not auto-replicate printer drivers across the servers because that would be potentially bad.

IF the Data Store is currently on FS2 just leave it there.  Set FS3 as your "Most Preferred" data collector, and FS2 just below that as "Preferred"
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