When clicking on .wvx or .asx files, Firefox and IE opens them in the browser as text rather than as streaming playlists in Windows Media Player.

I can't figure out why my Windows Media Player playlist files are opening up as text within the browser when the links are clicked on. It's supposed to open up Windows Media Player and play the videos. What gives?

here's the url: http://MySite.com/video/bra.wvx

the browsers will open up and display:

<ASX version = "3.0">
<TITLE>C3 Productions</TITLE>
<Ref href = "homecoming.wmv" />
<Ref href = "sp_bra_prev.wmv" />
<Ref href = "sp_bra_prev_journey.wmv" />

The formatting is right as the videos begin to play if you open the URL from directly within Windows Media Player. But it's supposed to work also by clicking on the URL so that WMP opens up and plays the videos in order without user interaction outside of clicking on a button, link etc.

A wvx or asf file is simply a textfile with the extension renamed, so when you open the files in notepad you see the text just as it displays in the browser. But it shouldn't be doing this in the browser; it should be playing the videos!

Alternate way to test is to click the "Sao Paulo" button on the site under the Videos section.

Thanks in advance!
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Marc ZCommented:
Your Mime-type is showing as Text so that is what is displaying.
See this page.

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ceecurtisAuthor Commented:

I assume you mean that the "problem" lies on my hosting provider's server, and not on my computer, right?

Let me check with my hosting provider to see if that's what's going on. Either they don't support streaming, or maybe I have to purchase it as a feature. Once I hear back from them to confirm, I'll award you the points. If they say, streaming this way is active and working already, then I'll let you know that too,
ceecurtisAuthor Commented:
I'm awarding points. A review of my hosting plan details shows that Windows Media streaming support is an optional add-on that is included with the other plans. It would cost me $15 more, but I don't think it's worth it just to have the ability to play three videos automatically in order via these playlist files.

I say this, because even without this Windows Media support enabled, the files do stream (I assume http streaming and not server-based streaming) when clicking on the individual .wmv files. So I'll just break the three videos up into separate links and bypass the asf or wvx files separately.

How did you know that the mime-type was showing as text? Where does that reveal itself?

Thanks, I'm awarding the points to you now.
Marc ZCommented:
I went to your site in Firefox, then went to Tools->Page Info and under the General info it came up Type text/plain

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