How to integrate *.Avi and *.idx etc.. files and burn into one DVD

I have .avi files and the .idx etc files that go with it. I am able to include .avi into Nero and burn a DVD with no problem. But it is not clear how I add the remaining files which I believe are the subs etc to the movie. Is that possible within the NERO program. Mine is Nero Ultra edition.
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Not sure is Nero can do this....

But the following programs should help!


As it's about a movie, it's for sure compressed, so:
My advice is to let .avi alone, to find a .sub or .srt subtitle for it at
as every player, even those standalone would play it and so you keep the initial quality of the movie with out reconversing. In this way you only need 2 files: .avi and subtitle file, which can be burned on any cd or dvd as data files, dvd-rom(iso).
falcon051997Author Commented:
comment to visual....
I am not sure what you are saying. I have two .avi files, Parts 1 and 2 of the move and then some 4 different files two of them .idx and the other two I forget what they are now. So what you want me to do exactly? Please be specific. I have Nero 7 ultra edition for burning.
I have been using the feature
Make your own DVD movie, where you drag and drop movie clips and then it "transcodes" them and burns a DVD. However, it does not say anywhere anything about the .idx files etc... so I dont know what to do with them.
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have you tried the two prgrams I suggested?
Like I say, I don't think you can add subs in Nero...
Yes,  shuboarder is right.
I did not have necessary data.
falcon051997Author Commented:
I tried VLC Player as you suggested. I put .avi and the sub files all in one folder... however I did not see any sub titles etc while playing. I am not sure How to use this. Please help.
ALso, My intention is to burn this somehow and play it on TV. If Nero cant do it, then how would I do it?
falcon051997Author Commented:
I tried Avi2DVD also. It doesnt work at all as it stop with "Floating point ZERO error" and crashes.
Please try KMPlayer from
Download The Latest Beta Version, unzip, just ran KMPlayer.exe.
In the window click right mouse button, open the movie or put it in the playlist, after that open /load .idx subtitle... or whatever. This is a unic professional player, it should work.
It has a lot of settings for placement of subtitle. If you don't get through... just say.
You want to burn and play it on what device?
To use VLC Player:

In VLC....

File >> Open
Click Browse, and select the video file location, ok,
then click subtitle options >> load the subtitle file, set all your settings etc.

Ok, and play!

Avi2DVD Error:

There are two posibilities for the "Floating point ZERO error":

1.The avi movie is created with a codec that isn't installed, like xvid. Use gspot from to find it.
2.The name of the avi file contain other characters than letters (probably dots). Rename the avi like movie.avi and try again.
falcon051997Author Commented:
comment to shuboarder:
Ok I am now able to use VLC player and able to load subtitles etc... it worked finally fine.
Now How do I get it burnt on to a DVD blank so that I can watch on TV? That is my original question/problem anyway!

Comment to Visual3DMaya: I would like to burn the .avi file with subtitles on a DVD blank which can then me used on my home DVD player and watch on my TV. Currently with VLC I am able to play it on my PC with subtitles.
You don't like the ideea to connect the SVC output of the video card to the SVC input of the TV and watch directly with VLC or any player you like?
falcon051997Author Commented:
well my pc is upstairs and my TV is downstairs... I have to do quite a bit of work to make what you suggested happen.

From my original post:


This will allow you to burn the subtitles and movie to a DVD. Note you also need the xvid codec installed to prevent the error you were getting.

This program will output to a DVD folder on your computer, which you then simply burn to DVD through Windows Explorer.

Let me know if you need any more help!
falcon051997Author Commented:
I tired again this time, I renamed the files and all. I do have that XVID codec... infact when I use VLC player it does show it. Anyway the AVI2DVD still gives the same floating point error.. dont know what the problem is anymore
I'm pretty sure that's the problem, however if you have VLC working,
you can output the video and subtitle file to a single file using the "Stream Output" setting and outputting to a file.

However, it would be better if we could get Avi2DVD working as this is easier to use.

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I assume you managed to do this in the end as suggested in my last post?
falcon051997Author Commented:
Comment to Shuboarder:

Well they Avi2DVD never really worked. However, i decided to accept your answer and close this question. I did learn a few useful things because of this question and you certainly deserved the points. Thanks for all the help you provided.
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