VPN not working after upgrade

I would VPN into a 2003 server with my XP pro.  The Domin was NT4.  Tonight I upgraded NT4 to 2003 AD and the VPN server upgraded to sp1 of 2003server.  WhenI got home, and tried to vpn into the company...I can't get in.  It gets to verifing user name and password, then fails.  It says user name and password cannot be validated.  What happened.  It was either AD or upgrading the VPN server to SP1.
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is the RAS service actually running on the 2003 server, it may be that it has stopped or got upset about something, has the credentials it runs under changed etc......

I know, this is a stupid question, but- did you add the user to Active Directory?  I'm not sure if the upgrade from NT to 2003 then installing active directory would put the users into Active Directory.  As well, you have joined your VPN server to the new AD domain?
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Assuming you have done as Bill suggested, also check in the users profile of active directory users and computers, under the Dial-In tab, and make sure that "Deny access" is not selected.
If still not working you may want to re-configure. NT4 => 2003 SP1 is a big jump. See:
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mleidichAuthor Commented:
I have check Dial-In tab and it is set for Allow Access.
Everything looks OK in AD
mleidichAuthor Commented:
No, I don't know if it stopped when I updated my NT4 to 2003 w AD ( this is not the VPN server) or when I put SP1 on the VPN server.
mleidichAuthor Commented:
Here is what happened.  I called Microsoft and worked it out with them.  It was a free call because it stopped after the upgrade to SP1.  My RAS/VPN server is 2003 web edition.  I use it for a demand dial to another location, 30 VPN clients, and NAT for the company.  After SP1 everything worked but the VPN.  Microsoft tells me about
I noticed I lost all my PPTP ports but 1.  I didn't look there first because who would of thought of that being a problem.
This states that web edition can only have 1 VPN port open at one time.  I told him this worked for over an year.  It would be still working if I had not put SP1 on the server.  Now I have to find another solution to my VPN clients.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks mleidich.

Since you have to make some changes I would recommend a hardware solution. You have enough users that you might see a slight improvement in performance as well as you don't need headaches like this. Having it on a separate box will simplify management somewhat. Just my opinion.  ;-)

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