convert 24 bit jpeg to 256 color gif


I have a 24 bit jpeg image which I am reading into an buffered image.
I am using BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_RGB.

Now, I have a class called GIFEncoder (downloaded, author: Adam Doppelt) which takes a BufferedImage and encodes it into gif image. But, it does not accepts 24 bit buffered image.

Should I go for another GIF Encoder which does 24 bit to 8 bit quantization also?
If yes, please tell a GIFEncoder which is freely available, can take BufferedImage as input and encodes a gif out of it.

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Mayank SAssociate Director - Product EngineeringCommented:
I think you need to search for Graphics Gems II III.2 by Xialoin Wu.
Assuming your 24 bit image is in an image called "frame", you can do:

      BufferedImage indexedImage = new BufferedImage( frame.getWidth(), frame.getHeight(), BufferedImage.TYPE_BYTE_INDEXED ) ;
      Graphics g = indexedImage.getGraphics() ;
      g.drawImage( frame, 0, 0, null ) ;
      g.dispose() ;

Then, "indexedImage" contains your 256 color image which should be addable to the GifEncoder
vaibhavmishra062201Author Commented:
Thanks objects, but you forgot to mention other 2 classes used in AnimatedGifEncoder (LZWEncoder & NeuQuant)
TimYates: I tried AnimatedGifEncoder suggested by objects and it worked fine. Thanks anyway.
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