Exchange 2003 - Online Maintenance Job & Deleted Mailbox Folders

Ok, we have a running debate here understanding the online maintenance service (the service that produces the 700, 701, & 1221 event messages) and the contents of the user's outlook deleted folder, and the mailbox display in the exchange system manager, specifically the "deleted items" column.

Suppose a guy is in a shop, brand new, and he is the only user in the entire shop.  Suppose he looks at his outlook deleted folder, and it shows 15MB of emails, in his outlook deleted email folder.  This is email that got there from the normal deletion from his inbox.  Now, suppose he deletes 10MB's from his deleted email folder, leaving 5MB left in his deleted email folder.  Here are the questions:

1.  What is going to show up in guys "deleted items" column in the exchange system manager mailbox display?  10MB?  5MB? 15MB?

2.  Now, let's run the exchange online maintenance job, and we have the deletion setting for “keep deleted items” set to zero days.  After we run that, assuming this is the only guy in the entire shop, how much will the online maintenance job delete?  Does the online maintenance job look at the outlook deleted folder?  Or does it just look at what has been removed from the deleted folder, and is hanging around in the "recoverable items" twilight zone.  And after the job runs, what again will show up in the "deleted items" column of the exchange system manager, mailbox display for this one and only user?

We got beers riding on this!

Thanks Bunch.
Michael EbbesonOwner, PGM TechAsked:
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Once this user will delete 10 MB from his deleted email folder in Outlook. It would go to the "recover deleted item" zone and will remain there till the retention period and online maintenance. In Exchange System Manager, Deleted items column, 10 MB would be displayed as per the rule (But, i dont trust the information displayed in Exchange System Manager and microsoft accepts this).
After online maintenance, 10MB from deleted items column (recover deleted item zone) will be deleted permanently, and Event ID - 1221 would show the white space of 10 MB. But, still the priv1.edb wont reducy by 10MB. You can recover this white space only after running offline defrag - eseutil /d.
Hope, this will help.

Amit Aggarwal.
Michael EbbesonOwner, PGM TechAuthor Commented:
Thanks Amit.  That is what i suspected.  But I just want to make sure of one more thing:  The online maintenance job does not ever go into the users outlook deleted folder.  It only deals with the "recoverable deleted" stuff that gets there by the users removing items from their deleted folder?

Online maintenance, doesnt touch anything within the mailbox. Outlook deleted items folder belong to the user's mailbox. Only the mailbox management policy from the server can go inside the mailbox and delete the items as configured.
Amit Aggarwal.
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