Anyone know what this means

I set up an exchange server at my apartement and on some of the messages I am sending I am getting this message the exchange server is sending to which recieves the messages but when I try to send to the server it get this message. other domains send and recive okay and the messages are deleiverd to my exchange server. I am using netrox which open the smtp port for anyone home or bussiness and zoneedit to host my a and mx records. I am only doing this to practice i have not set up an exchange server in a while and don't want to get rusty. Is this just because of proporgation or did I set something up incorrectly thanks

Hi. This is the qmail-send program at
I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.

<>: does not like recipient.
Remote host said: 553 sorry, relaying denied from your location [] (#5.7.1)
Giving up on

--- Below this line is a copy of the message.

Return-Path: <>
Received: (qmail 23609 invoked from network); 21 Mar 2006 01:20:22 -0500
Received: from localhost (
  by localhost with SMTP; 21 Mar 2006 01:20:22 -0500
Received: from
        ( []) by (Horde MIME library) with HTTP; Tue, 21 Mar 2006
        01:20:21 -0500
Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 01:20:21 -0500
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain;
Content-Disposition: inline
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
User-Agent: Internet Messaging Program (IMP) H3 (4.0.3)
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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
If it was long ago did you create this server??  give it 24-72 hours.
Are you configured to relay mail?
Mail is sent by relaying email from one server to the next. There could be many servers involved, but typically it's the mail server at your ISP relaying your email to the mail server at your recipients ISP.

In general, a mail server must "know" either the sender of an email, or its recipient, in order to safely transmit mail. Mail servers that do not enforce this requirement are called "open relays" and can be exploited by spammers to send out tons of spam.

Things get complicated because not all ISPs agree on what it means to "know" the sender of an email. All of these might result in an "unable to relay" message, depending entirely on the servers and ISPs involved:

The "From" address might not match an account on the email server.
The ISP might require that email comes via a connection (dialup or DSL) actually provided by the ISP - sending using someone else's connection might not be allowed.
The ISP might require you to authenticate before sending email and you haven't.
A mail server somewhere could be misconfigured.
There's no blanket answer if "unable to relay" happens only occasionally. Double check the email address you're sending to, for starters.

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arahmingAuthor Commented:
It was propergation I woke up this morning and everything was gravy
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
Thanks for the points ....

And the alternate answer.  We had problems with relays before, but now I know to look at propagation too.

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